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This website takes you to Kolkata, the City of Joy. Kolkata is not only a grand and busy cosmopolitan city of the world but also a city with rich heritage, culture and history. It is the city of Raja Rammohon Ray, Iswar Chandra Bidyasagar, Rabindranath Tagore, Subash Chandra Bose, Satyajit Ray and Mother Teresa.

Kolkata is not at all a British creation but it was created and developed by the imagination, vision and hard labour of the Bengalees. The Armenians, the Portuguese and the British certainly did develop the city but all was only for their own interest. The British treated the Bengalees in a very rough way and did every type of torture to the freedom fighters. Though Kolkata became the Capital of the Nation and the city transformed into a colonial metro, the common people were neglected by the administration and the rich culture and history was raped. But a few foreigners like Derozio, Bethun, James Long, William Jones and David Hare among some others were engaged in socio-educational and cultural development of the people. They did much for our society and are still respected by all sections of the people. Today the people are slowly coming out from their colonial hangover. They have learnt that Kolkata was not founded by the British agent Job Charnock in 1690 and its history traces back thousands of years.

This website portrays some history on Kolkata, the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family and peeps into the life and works of Laksmikanta, the first Jaigirdar of Kolkata and Bengal’s first Social Reformer. Details are available on the official websites of the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family by the title Sabarna Prithivi.


Sabarna Prithivi